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Mark and Olivia’s Bristow Manor Wedding (Bristow, VA)

These two are proof that online match making can really work! From the time they met each other, Mark and Olivia became inseparable. Just being around them together, it’s easy to see that their chemistry is completely natural and effortless. There were a lot of things I loved about their wedding:

  1. Them, of course!
  2. Bristow Manor Golf Course, a 19th-century historic home turned wedding venue! This includes their awesome BBQ dinner and great coordinator! (www.bristowmanorgc.com)
  3. Their processional music, particularly the Star Wars theme song!
  4. Their “eyes closed” gift exchange before the ceremony. Olivia gave Mark a calendar featuring their cat, “Tootsie”, ha! She also gave him a beautiful engraved watch. His gift to her? A journaling Bible engraved with her married name because Olivia was running out of space in the margins of her previous Bible during their study sessions together. They didn’t get to see each others’ reactions until the photos were delivered — I felt very privileged to witness such a special moment between these two.
  5. The garden touches at the reception, which included naming each table after a flower.
  6.  The wedding party and their ability to nail the silly jump shot (see below).

The list could seriously go on and on, but let’s get to the photos from this amazing wedding and beautiful couple!
























Kerry and Jason escaped city life in Washington, DC, for a weekend engagement shoot in beautiful Colonial Williamsburg. They expressed to me a few nerves about having professional photos done — of course, it can feel awkward for anyone who is trying to pose romantically with a camera snapping away. But, these two were naturals! They quickly relaxed and were all smiles for the entire shoot. Jason mastered “the nuzzle”! I can’t wait for their September wedding at the beautiful Ford’s Colony.



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When Suzy contacted me about photographing her Christmas-inspired wedding, I was ecstatic. It was wintry and romantic! I loved the greenery combined with the pops of red. And, how beautiful is Suzy? I wish her and Shawn every happiness in the future and am grateful to have had the opportunity to capture their big day!
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There were a few things I noticed right away when I first met Justin and Bethany:

  1. Bethany has an incredible smile. In fact, she smiles all the time. And that laugh — I nicknamed it “The Bethany Laugh” — is totally adorable.
  2. Justin is a southern gentleman. Truly. Not all men are patient in front of the camera. Justin is.
  3. Bethany and Justin were made for each other. You know when you see a couple, and you think, “Wow. They’re going to make it to forever.” Yep, that’s them

What I wouldn’t have known about this beautiful southern belle before her wedding, had I not done my own Facebook research, is that she shoots, hunts, fishes, snowboards, rides horses (and 4 wheelers), enjoys camping, and isn’t afraid of getting dirty. Yes, she’s the unicorn. She exists. And, she’s now married (sorry, fellas).

I’m calling their wedding “country chic.” It was classy, but also the kind of laid-back and fun affair. Great people. Great energy. Great food.

So glad to have had the opportunity to capture this awesome wedding. And, a special thanks to my friend and second shooter for the day, Leah Kraus.

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I have to admit, I was a little nervous about accepting this wedding after my first phone conversation with the beautiful bride, Martha. I had just reopened my business after leaving my full-time job as a fundraiser for Colonial Williamsburg, and I knew this wedding was going to be phenomenal from the details Martha shared. Oh yes, and let’s not forget to mention that her husband is pretty much a celebrity…a meteorologist for a metropolitan news channel. But, I truly felt like fate was stepping in, and that this was a wedding I could not say “no” to. I say fate because not only was this wedding to be in Colonial Williamsburg, it was in the backyard of the St. George Tucker House, the colonial house in which I worked (for those of you who know how vast Colonial Williamsburg is, this is pretty coincidental). I just felt like there was an outside force that was telling me, “Go for it, Katherine!” And, I am SO glad I did. Martha and Tim were a dream — a kind, humble, and beautiful couple who I left feeling like I’d made new friends.














Martha wore her grandmother’s pearls and a handkerchief from her great great great great-grandmother (yes, that’s 4 greats!). See that beautiful bouquet? Features a spider plant from the same sprig her mother used in her wedding bouquet. So many sentimental touches in this wedding.



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And, of course, no wedding in Colonial Williamsburg is complete without a horse-drawn carriage ride!

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A second ceremony was held at the beautiful Ford’s Colony Country Club. It blended traditions from both Martha’s Scottish and Tim’s Greek heritage.

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…and it featured a Kentucky Derby viewing party. Martha is a fan of all things equestrian!

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The reception space was incredible. And, no details were overlooked in this derby-inspired event, from the equestrian table cards to the Kentucky Proud Modjeska candies.

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